1.Broadway Alley (Willie The Kid Feat. Big Joe, S-Class Sonny & A1)

2.Pyrex Vision (Feat. Young Hash)

3.Work (Feat. Clydro DaDon, Big Key Da Bossman & Bub Bentley Billionair)

4.Bangerz (Feat. Nasty Nate Ken Dopeman)

5.Cold Blooded (Feat. La The Darkman & Willie The Kid)

6.Drug Years (Feat. Tekh Togo)

7.Whatcha Life Like (Feat. Execgang)

8.The Coming Up (Feat. Ranru)

9.Wash My Car (Feat. Willie The Kid)

10.Bodied (Feat. Marvo, S-Class Sonny & Civi Mahdi)

11.So Loud (Feat. Deuce Dolla)

12.Wires, Woods Or Buffies (Feat. GCG)

13.Cadillac Music (Feat. Civi Mahdi)

14.The Pyrex (Feat. Money Mont)

15.Get It Together (Feat. Mutt & Rude Bwoy Pat Pat)

16.DFB (Stretch Money Feat. Bossalini)