1. Viva La Gun Rule (Feat. Willie The Kid & A1)

2. Still In The Kitchen (Feat. Young Hash)

3. What Chu Talkin’ Bout (Feat. Execgang)

4. Where The Money At (Feat. Big Perm)

5. Mobster Like Me (Feat. L.A.D)

6. Same Struggle (Feat. Slim The Mobster & Yo Gotti)

7. Fresh Out The Pyrex (Feat. Marvo)

8. Street Niggas (Feat. Stretch Money)

9. Straight Shots (Willie The Kid Feat. Ali Vegas)

10. Forever Here (Feat. S-Class Sonny)

11. I Sold Dope All My Life (Feat. Boldy James)

12. Problem (Feat. YP)

13. The Statement (Feat. Dirty Meach)

14. Me (Feat. Sambo)

15. Nothin’ (Feat. GwoppedUp Cartier Gang)

16. Who Trying To Build (Feat. Civi Mahdi)

17. Rich Nigga Shit (Willie The Kid Feat. Big Joe)